5 Tips to Make Your Guests Feel Right At Home

A guest room can present a challenge when it comes time to choosing your furniture and decor. Whether you custom built your home from the perfect set of house plans or you bought a fixer-upper to make your own, this room is always the one that home owners can slip up with a make choices that may not make your guests feel as “at home” as you are wanting. While you want the guest room to flow with the rest of the home you also want to be sure that your visitors feel like they have their own private and welcoming space. There are a several things that can be done to ensure your guests feel right at home.

1) Just the Right Amount of Furniture

When choosing what furniture to place in your guest room be sure that the room does not feel over crowded. The last thing your guest wants is to feel cramped in an overcrowded room. Stick with a simple bed and head board, small side tables and a dresser. If the space allows it, then an additional dresser or vanity and a chair can be very welcoming. The key is to be sure that you are choosing the furniture based on the space available not on wanting to fit that whole furniture set from the store that looked too beautiful to pass up. It is better to be minimalistic than to have your guests trying to maneuver around each other in a crowded room. Try to stick to at least 3 feet of walking space around the bed and other furniture to allow for ease of movement.

Couch With Pillows

2) No Clutter and No Personal Artwork

When it comes time to decorating the room after the furniture is placed the best route to take is minimalism. When guests arrive they typically bring many things with them from there many hours of travel. To ensure they have space to put all their bags and personal items, without the room feeling overly cluttered, be sure that there are just a few tasteful and decorative pieces that make the room look beautiful. For example, a side table does not need a bunch of nicknacks. Keep it to the necessities: a lamp and a clock. It may not seem very fun or full now but once your travelers unload their belongings the room is sure to fill up quickly.

Then, when choosing artwork, stick with generic paintings, photographs or prints. While you may love that family photo from a few years back the guest room is not the best place for it. This room needs to feel like your guests’ own personal space in your home for their comfort. Family photos will take away from this welcoming and private atmosphere. Instead opt for using that beautiful painting or photo you saw while shopping for the rest of your home decor that you just couldn’t seem to find a space for.

Living Room With Wall Art

3) Be Sure There is Room to Unpack

It can be very tempting to use that guest room dresser or closet for additional storage for your own personal belongings however it is best that these are left empty to be used by your visitors. This not only allows them the convenience of not having to live out of a suitcase while they are enjoying their stay but also gives them a feeling of homeliness. Also, be sure to provide hangers in the closet as well so that wrinkle prone items have a place to be hung.

4) Stick With a Light Bed Spread and Extra Blankets

As you are choosing the bedding for the room keep in mind that each person differs in their preferences and sleeping temperature. The best way to ensure each person that stays with you is comfortable is to provide a light and airy bed spread with extra blankets conveniently available. This will allow those who tend to be warmer blooded to get the peaceful sleep they need while those that tend to get cold easily can grab extra blankets for their comfort.

White Bed

5) Go the Extra Mile

Just a few small things can make a world of difference when it comes to making your guest feel welcomed. Take some time to think of simple things that make you feel welcomed. Things such as towels being readily available without having to search for them and water bottles conveniently place on bedside tables. Even making sure the pillows on the bed range in thickness and density will ensure your guests feel like you have thought of each and every little thing to make them comfortable.