7 Reasons Why Renting Furniture Is A Great Choice

From saving the few precious free hours on weekends, to avoiding the sweat and hassle involved with getting out your toolkit, and even basking in fact that your choice is not negatively affecting the environment, there are a wide range of reasons to rent home and office furniture.

It is the most financially-, practically- and ecologically-sustainable choice for everyone, from on-the-move millennials and settled families to small startups and corporate giants. Here we hardsell the benefits of why you should think about renting out home and office furniture the next time you’re in the market seating, sleeping or storage necessities.

1. It’s a huge money saver

When you buy a home’s worth of furniture, you are spending thousands of dollars at one go for furniture that depreciates (steeply) as soon as it is placed on your floor. What if, in a year or two, you have to move and sell it? Be prepared to get no more than half the original cost, if you have the time to find and negotiate with potential buyers – a task in itself. When you rent, however, you are paying only a small amount monthly for pristine furniture – no huge chuck of your savings spent. And when you need it gone, the easy rental company pick up is just a message away.

2. It saves your hours, even days, of shopping hassle

You don’t have to search multiple shops looking for the best discounts and deals, physically going from one store to the next as you take mental notes on quality, price and styles. With furniture rental, you have a wide range of furniture in hundreds of styles with clearly displayed dimensions and visualization tools to make arrangement in your home or office super fast, in the click of a few buttons. You don’t need to waste your weekends or take time off to go shopping. Everything you need is available in one place – living, bedroom, dining room and office furniture, as well as accessories such as lamps, rugs, planters and cushions.

Bedroom With White Bed

3. You make no compromises

When you are purchasing furniture, you will find that you always have to make certain compromises either on design, craftsmanship or quality, in order to match your budget. This is because premium furniture costs a fortune and not many of us can spend that much on a home’s or office’s worth. However, with renting premium, luxury furniture, you don’t have to make any of those compromises because it’s extremely affordable on convenient, economical rental plans.

 4. You are free of commitment

Because you aren’t purchasing it, you don’t have to worry about committing to a piece that you aren’t sure of, whether it’s a dining set, a couch or even just a table lamp. Rent it for a month. If you love it, extend the plan. If you don’t, swap it out for something more your style. Furniture rental companies such as CasaOne allow you to rent as little or as much furniture as you need on easily renewable plans that range from a month to a year.

5. You are free of maintenance and cleaning

Rented furniture comes with regular cleaning and maintenance schedules so you can be assured that your pieces will always be in tip-top condition, looking as good as new. You don’t need to bother about day-to-day wear and tear. Your home will never have that rundown look of decades worth of use and your office will always make the best first impression on clients with premium new furniture to greet them.

Dining Room With Wooden Furniture

6. Set up is easy, delivery is free

Office furniture rental companies and home furniture rentals such as CasaOne deliver for free, and according to your availability and schedule. You don’t have to pay a costly sum to transport your furniture, and assembly is on the house. What’s more, all waste material is cleared up as part of the package. You can literally have your home or office up and running in a matter of days.

7. It is environmentally sustainable

For those who prefer not to partake in the throwaway culture of today, renting out furniture is a sustainable choice. Every year, tons of furniture is disposed as owners can’t find the time to give it away or resell it. Instead of contributing to the filling up of landfills every time you move home or office, choose to rent furniture that will be picked up, fixed up and reused after you are done with it.


About CasaOne

CasaOne is a furniture rental service company that operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It provides luxury home and office furniture that is premium quality and stylish in design, on economical and flexible short- and long-term plans.