A Quick Guide To Buying DIY Home Protection

So, what exactly is a security system?

A household security system is one of the more effective ways of ensuring the safety of your home and, hopefully, deterring potential thieves. DIY kits have become a popular choice and they have everything you need to keep you and your property secure.

However, even with a home security system in the home, your complete safety isn’t guaranteed, but having one installed gives you just that little bit extra peace of mind.

Having a burglar alarm in your property is a great first step in protection, though if you decide to get a professional to fit it you may find yourself spending a lot more than you intended.

There are a huge amount of home security devices available on the market so it can sometimes be hard to know which one will work for you. Start by considering the size of your property and the extent of protection you want.

This short self-help guide is purely to give you an idea of how to take on the project yourself, and what you will need to do the job.

White CCTV Cameras

Home security needn’t be expensive –

  • A simple motion sensor could cost as little as $15. They have built-in passive infrared sensors with relays to silence them, which is perfect if you’re installing them somewhere that requires quiet such like a library, for example.

Some sensors come inclusive with a pet immunity function which can be activated and deactivated as required. It can detect the difference between you and your pet (up to around thirty-six kilograms). The good thing about motion sensors is that they are fitted quite easily and without fuss.

  • Interior Sounder – another cheap yet very useful gadget that’ll help secure your home. They’re an extremely effective way of letting people know that your property is protected.
  • External Sounders – A brilliant, visual and highly audible way for you to stop would-be burglars in their tracks, and the louder the alarm you invest in the more likely you are to ward off prospective thieves.

These first three steps are a great starting point but with so many security products on the market, there’s so much more you can do. If you’re serious about the security of your property then the best investment you can make is a multi-layer system.

  • Access Control System – you can view visitors and authorize entry with this device, allowing you to identify anyone who comes to the house and deny entry, if necessary, without them seeing you. They’re not complicated and an easy one-way entry intercom handset, for example, could be as little as $30.
  • CCTV – This will require some wiring but for an easier life the ideal place to install it is in the loft space. There are battery operated variations with rapid deploy and high resolution for installation both internally and externally, with any one of a number of uses, from domestic application to business premises.

You can pick up any one of these products on a stand-alone basis but if you decide to invest in a complete home security system, containing everything you need, as long as you follow the instructions carefully there’ll be no need whatsoever in having an expert fit it for you.  The multi-layer systems are packed full of features and are simply the complete package when it comes to a security solution.

You can’t put a price on feeling safe and secure in your own home but that doesn’t mean that getting a security system has to cost the earth.

Before you decide on the option that is right for you, shop around, take your time and weigh up all the options. All of the devices mentioned above most certainly act as excellent deterrents either on their own or as a full package but just be aware that a determined thief will always find a way, so every little extra measure of security you can take, no matter how small, is always worth the effort.