How To Unpack Furniture Effectively After You Move

One can easily become unorganized especially when it comes to unpacking your furniture and settling into a new environment. While moving can be both a stressful and exciting time, unpacking and arranging furniture is never an easy task.

It takes time to make a room both functional and comfortable. Be mentally prepared to get rid of furniture pieces that won’t fit and also purchase some new ones that might work better according to the available space in your new house.

It’s a good idea to do your unpacking on your own so you can get a chance to de-clutter head on and keep the place organized from the start.

Below are some tips to help you unpack and settle down peacefully.


The first tip to follow is to clean the whole house before bringing in new stuff. When moving into a new house you will see find it is dusty inside. It is best to clean out all the dust before you bring in the moving boxes so you can later easily arrange stuff without having to worry about anything else getting in your way.


Remove everything from the rooms before you unpack. Having scattered furniture, boxes or other stuff will just prevent you from having a proper view of the area in which you will be working.


It is best to go with a plan and unpack room by room as you can easily get distracted by a box in the kitchen while you were dealing with the bedroom. This can lead to a lot of mess and confusion.

A lot of experts say it is best to start with the kitchen as the sooner it is sorted out the sooner you can cook and save on eating out. You can deal with other important rooms like bathrooms and the bedroom later.


Before arranging furniture, think hard about how space will be used. Remember that the room not only needs to look pleasing to the eyes but also functional. Think about how the furniture can be used for dual purposes. For example, you can use the living room as a family room plus with the sofas for entertaining guests as well.


For the rooms with a dual purpose, room dividers, bookshelves, and rugs can be used to separate areas within the room. For example, the sofa table at the back of the couch can be used as a great room divider.


There are many online tools available free of cost that help arrange the furniture in the new house easily. These tools help you restructure the house to your own liking. Also try out new pieces of furniture you have never had before such as mirrors, plants, tables and different lights. It is a nice way to enhance the look of the room without before you actually unpack.


  • Don’t arrange all the furniture next to the walls, instead use the middle of the space to create more functional areas and depth.
  • Balance the heavy furniture with a grouping of small objects or other large objects around them.
  • Arrange stuff based on the height of the furniture. For example, if you have a shorter piece of furniture then to add more height to it you can hang a painting on top. This will make the eye travel all the way up and make the room look much taller and spacious.
  • Use the patterns and color to your advantage. Eye-popping colors can easily make the room come alive. Experiment with different colors by including curtains, pillows, decorative arts and picture frames into a neutral base of the room and make it look vibrant.
  • Just like colors, add various textures to add interest and depth. Mix in different materials like wood, marble, and metal to make the room grounded. Add breezy fabrics and glass to make the room airy.
  • Keep the traffic flow in mind, most of the traffic areas of the room need at least two feet of space.
  • Leave enough space for doors and drawers to be opened easily.
  • Always arrange the furniture first before adding mirrors and paintings.
  • When placing the TV in the room, keep in mind the distance between the viewer and the screen. Technically the bed or sofas should be at least seven to eight feet away from the screen.

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