The Changing Concept of Modern Air Conditioning

Over the years, the concept of air conditioning is changing. Now you will see innovative features in the products and emerging technologies. This has catapulted the growth of this specific industry and has transformed the way in which people’s lives can be improved with the new products. The change in concept is also the result of the ever changing needs and wants of the consumers.  All these factors have compelled the manufacturers to drive forward research and development and deliver effective solutions for the ever changing market. Nowadays air conditioners come with a unique technology which also improve the air quality in the room so that it can reduce the allergen particles from the air so that you can have fresh air.

Home automation is inevitable due to the rise of smart technology. The modern systems are now integrated with phone apps to allow users to control it from anywhere. These smart features have improved the overall user experience.

The Design Trends

The change in designs will make your home look more stylish both from inside and out. Previously, you could not say anything about the air conditioning unit that looked more like obtrusive boxes fitted outside and large unattractive vents inside.

Over the past few years, the industries has taken the lifestyle trend into account and are now designing units that are lighter, smaller, and more attractive. You now have more choice in design, colors and shapes to match with the overall design of your building.

Units of the Future

The air conditioner manufacturers are coming up with a few very promising solutions to a standard air conditioner. These technological advancements will not only make your home look appealing from inside and outside but will also reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Modern Air Conditioning

The upcoming air conditioners units with unique design concepts that will surely create a buzz amongst the consumers are:

  • Bee hive units: These units will simply resemble a bee hive by its design with the only difference that there will be no delicious and sweet nectar in it. It will not need any fossil fuels to jeopardize the environment but instead suck up atmosphere through its top and evaporate the moisture within its complex guts to spit out cooler air.
  • Plant air con: To make everything look decent air conditioners disguised as a plant is another new-fangled, futuristic unit. There may also be an air con shelf up next in the air conditioning odyssey to prevent your homes to have an oversized eye sore.
  • DEVap: This is a specific type of air conditioner that is designed by the scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of US. It can reduce your electricity bill by as much as 90%. The technology used in designing it is called the Desiccant enhanced Evaporative air conditioner or DEVap. Environmentally friendly saline solution is used instead of conventional refrigerants. There is a thin membrane inside to ensure operational cost reduction. Though these models are as expensive and similar in size of conventional air conditioning units, the NREL is working on it to make it cheaper and smaller.
  • Solar thermal: Solar thermal air conditioning is another technology that you will see soon. It is been considered for many years. The most significant advantage of this unit is that you can use it to cool your home in the summer months as well as use it to heat water and your room in the winter. In this the solar heat warms up one end of the expansion pipes and cools the other end of the condensation pipe to make ice.

Though most of these are in the final stages of developments, it is not far when these will be seen in residential homes.