The Lush Lawn Luminary – How to Keep Your Garden Looking Fresh

There is something about a lush lawn that just makes you want to pitch yourself there for the day to read a book, entertain friends, or simply take in the surroundings of your gorgeous garden. But this beauty is not bestowed without hard work and some knowledge on how to best maintain your lawn and garden. If you want to build a green paradise in your home, here is how you can start creating the magic.

Reliable irrigation

Irrigation is undoubtedly the special ingredient in garden and lawn success. You can spend your whole life designing a stunning garden, but without the right irrigation supplies from SunshowerOnline you will not be able to bring it to life or keep it thriving. The advancements in irrigation supplies are many, and the once obtrusive mechanisms are now subtle and modern in design – completely undetectable to the naked eye. Give your garden the greatest chance of growth by installing irrigation supplies, and enjoy the free time you get back from no more housing.

House With Front Lawn

Pest maintenance

Most homeowners believe they don’t need to do pest control in the garden unless there is a problem. Well, the harsh reality is that there are thousands of insects, bug and animals coming in contact with your garden and lawn daily. This can put your garden in harm’s way, and the perfect environment in which to facilitate an insect or vermin infestation. Keeping your garden trimmed regularly and frequently damp may deter this activity, but you will also need to spray your garden with pesticide. You can source organic pesticide that will not have too many unnecessary chemicals and will preserve parts of your garden which typically waiver under the pest spray.

Mixture of colour and species

A mixture of colour and species will go a long way in keeping your lawn looking fresh. Choose the plants and flowers that are most suitable for your geographic location and plan out what can be planted where to create the most impact. It can be tempting to throw every single color at your yard, but this can look cluttered and be a little too much to take in. Decide upon two to three colours that will dominate your garden, and offset them with a healthy dose of greenery. Be careful when you read and proceed with plant and flower recommendations, as what works in Queensland may not be right for Victoria as they both have vastly different climates.

Sun exposure

If you are moving into a new home, you should always wait a duration before you plant and plan your garden and lawn. Why? Because you need to understand where the sun falls and at what time. You may have always dreamed of Daffodils lining your front staircase, but if you frontage gets the morning sun or full sun – this will wilt and eventually kill your Daffodil patch. The afternoon sun, however, projects a far kinder beam of sun. Watch what the sun does in your home and only then can you map out placement and plots.


We have all been guilty of garden and lawn envy at one point or another. Get ahead of your peers and master your garden and lawn once and for all, so that you can reap the rewards for years to come. If you do the hard work now, you can maintain easily and keep an eye out for external threats to your gardens health and beauty.