5 Pieces of Furniture that Will Add Glam to Your First Home

Leaving your parents’ house and moving into your own place can be an exciting but stressful task. When you move into your first home you have to consider how you’re going to make it comfortable for you to live in.

To make your home comfortable you’ll need furniture that will complement the architecture of your home. Find a furniture store that sells the type of pieces you’re looking for. If you’re an Australian local search for furniture stores Melbourne or other large cities can offer you, to ensure you get a big range to pick from.

Before you search for your ideal furniture stores take a look at these following five items you’ll need for your first home. After reading our article you’ll know exactly what to buy when visiting your furniture shop.  

1. A Comfortable Signature Design Couch

If you want to live in the lap of luxury the first item you need for your home is a beautiful plush couch that you can sink into.

There are many different designs to pick from that cater to different needs. You must decide whether you want a signature couch for its aesthetics or for its comfort.

Do you want something that’s bulky with a lot of cushioning? Or do you want a sophisticated chesterfield sofa? Whatever your style is, ensure that it fits with the décor of your entire lounge so that the sofa doesn’t look out of place.

Another aspect to consider when purchasing your first sofa is the size. The sofa should fit perfectly in your lounge without taking up too much space. Consider how many people it can seat too, so all your guests will have a place to sit when they visit.

When you use Google’s SERPs to find ‘furniture stores near me’, see if the retailer sells a sofa that has luxury fabrics such as velvet. This will add to the sophistication of your house. Perhaps add a few cushions to make your seating even more comfortable.

2. Add a Beautiful Coffee Table to Your Lounge

Coffee tables are convenient and they create a stunning centrepiece to any living space. Here are various designs to pick from:

  • Steel and glass table: A coffee table that has a glass surface with a steel frame will work well in bigger contemporary houses. These coffee tables are easy to maintain and they are incredibly durable.
  • Wooden tables: Hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, cherry and walnut are used to manufacture coffee tables. Wooden tables look stunning in medium-sized lounges with rustic décor.
  • Marble tables: Natural stone coffee tables are typically used for outside patios but you can also place one in your lounge. These tables are perfect for smaller living spaces. The various patterns of marble add a pop of colour to lounges that have predominately neutral tones. 

3. Rustic Chic Cabinets are Popular

If you want to create a warm environment add rustic chic furniture to your home. Rustic chic cabinets are popular amongst the younger generation at the moment. These cabinets are painted in pastel blues or greens with flecks of gold or copper in them. Rustic chic furniture is made to look aged or worn by distressing the surface of the paint.

If you have a French country style home, rustic chic cabinets will look stunning in your kitchen or living room. Add antique accents on the furniture, such as floral steel handles on the cabinet doors for a charming vintage effect.

4. Every Home Should Have a Unit Filled With Books

A bookcase can be an excellent conversation starter when you have guests over, so ensure you have shelves packed with novels.

Perhaps you can create your own book nook so you have a place to put your bookshelf. A book nook is a small section of your home that has a comfy chair and a table where you can sit & relax while you read your favourite novel.

One way to integrate a bookshelf is to suspend it so that it doesn’t take up floor space. However, you should make sure the shelf is low enough so you can reach books easily.

5. A Chest of Drawers for Storage

Every home should have a big chest of drawers for storage. It’s incredibly convenient because you can store anything you like to save space. And if you find the right one it will add aesthetic value too!

Final Thoughts

Have you decided on furniture pieces you’re going to buy for your first home? Well, here’s an extra tip for you. Consider purchasing a sofa bed too. This will help accommodate guests if you want them to sleep over at your house.

Sofa beds are cheaper than standard beds, they’re comfortable and they are light enough to move around. A sofa bed is convenient because it’s used for sleeping or seating arrangements and it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

We hope you’ve established your décor style and you’re able to find the furniture that complements it.