5 Ways Going Online Saves You Money on a Home Sale


The real estate market, like many major markets today, is going more and more “online”, or, becoming more tech-based and therefore more efficient and user-friendly.

A lot of what inspires us to integrate technology and the internet with major markets today is the opportunity to solve problems within a market or potentially make us more likely to succeed.

When it comes to real estate, going online can help you save money selling your home. Below are 5 ways going online saves you money on a home sale and helps facilitate the entire selling process for you – after all, selling your home is a large undertaking, and you can use all the help you can get.

Access all potential buyers quickly

Going online means you are able to reach potential buyers faster than ever. This is possible through listing on the online MLS and through the advent of machine learning, where the real estate market can now be immediately assessed for you at any given moment and you will be notified about appropriate listings directly through text or email. Being on the MLS means your listing will be one of those listings that potential buyers are informed by – if you aren’t listed online in any capacity, they won’t receive notice and probably won’t see your listing.

Mass market for free

Online marketing can be very effective – and free! Using social media is a powerful way to do online mass marketing for free. Make sure you have quality photos – this is key for garnering attention.

Using hashtags and groups in social media not only is effective on the platform itself, but it sparks a sort of word-of-mouth marketing on your property that is also incredibly (if not, sometimes more) effective than simply marketing online. Marketing your property online in this way is the fastest, most effective way to spark a word of mouth in your social circle that will help you sell your home fast.

You will, however, need to keep in mind that just because you are marketing online to the masses at this point, you need to pinpoint where exactly online you are doing your marketing. This is mostly location based when it comes to real estate. If you are selling a property as one of the homes for sale in Vero Beach for instance, you will need to find groups that specifically apply to that location, or could even tag posts location-specifically. Keep this in mind because there’s no point in marketing to a location that does not apply to your property.

Communicate faster

Communicate Faster

You can discuss the details of your home quickly on many listing platforms and social media platforms – you won’t have to move over to a separate form of communication to respond to an interested buyer. This is helpful because not only will you be able to receive the message in real time, you can respond in real time. This builds confidence with potential buyers.

Understanding that building confidence with potential buyers through communicating effectively and effectively shows how helpful communicating online with potential buyers (especially at the first point of contact) is.

Get your commission back

Now that the MLS has moved pretty much exclusively online, there are a lot of ways to access the MLS as a for sale by owner seller now than ever before. You can find flat-flee MLS listing services that let you bypass the large fee usually charged by an agent – and not only that, there are others like beycome available to you, where you can receive an entire refund of the commission that typically goes to an agent. Talk about savings!

Close faster

The faster you close, the higher the value of your home will be at the time of closing, and the more money you will make on your sale. It’s that simple. Going online in any capacity helps you get to this point.

If your house goes on and off the market quickly, you have more negotiation power when you do get to that stage. This is because the amount of time a house is on the market is directly proportional to its value. There’s a tipping point, and if you miss the window of opportunity to get to the negotiation stage, your house may sit on the market for months. Listing on the online MLS and using the internet to your advantage can avoid this pitfall.

When it comes to making sure the value of your home stays as high as it possibly can prior to negotiating and closing, and saving you on your biggest expense as a seller (your closing costs) by accessing services that allow you to be given a refund on the normal agent commission, these days, going online for real estate is a no brainer. Use these tips above to go online and save money when you sell your home and you’re well on your way to closing your house like a smart seller.