6 Ways to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Did you know that you spend a third of your entire life sleeping? That tells you that you should always treat your body to a comfortable mattress bed. Your bed is where you spend most of your time: away from work that is. Experts advise that people change their mattresses every 7-10 years. However, you will be required to change it the moment it starts to wear out, even if it is after three years. Reason being, the longevity of your mattress is dependent on various factors such as the quality of the mattress, the type of material that is used to make the mattress and how well you take care of it. In as much as you may not always expect your mattress to last a decade, the following tips will help keep your mattress in good shape for a longer time.

1. Get a mattress protector

A mattress protector should be a must. You should get one as soon as you buy your mattress. Well, you might feel that you are very careful and neat until an accidental spill happens. A mattress protector will go a long way in making sure that nothing harmful finds its way to your mattress. A waterproof mattress protector would be perfect for the job. Liquids are not the only thing you should be wary of. Skin flakes and bodily oils could cause potential harm to your mattress as much as you may fail to see them.

While getting a mattress protector, make sure that you find the perfect fit for your mattress to avoid discomfort.

2. Quit bouncing on the bed

If you want your mattress to last longer, consider letting your kids understand that the only place they are allowed to bounce is on a bouncing castle. Not only is it a threat to safety but it also puts pressure on your mattress: which will eventually damage it. Note that the box spring that is found beneath your mattress has not been designed to handle the weight of bouncing adults or kids. It will give in to the pressure.

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3. Flip your mattress frequently

Constant pressure on a specific part of your mattress could lead to noticeable wear at particular points. You may want to evenly distribute the weight to ensure that there is even wear. The best way to go about it is to rotate your mattress regularly.

It is important also to note that some manufacturers come with their own set of instructions regarding whether or not to flip it. Additionally, they have guidelines on how to do it.

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4. Take care of stains as soon as you spot them

You can always expect to stain your mattress: it is normal. Nevertheless, what you should not do is ignore them. Avoid leaving them to dry: then maybe cover with the sheets to have an easy way out. Instead, you should immediately spot clean your mattress the moment you notice a stain. You could use natural liquid dish soap, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda to clean them out: depending on the nature of the stain.

5. Vacuum your mattress

Yes, you should vacuum your mattress occasionally. Twice a year would be okay. Why is it recommended? It will help in preventing the build-up of allergens, dust, and sweat. Before you vacuum clean, make sure that you have removed all the linen from your bed. Note that dirt tends to accumulate more at the seams: while vacuuming, pay more attention to the areas.

6. Refrain from allowing pets to your bed

Inviting pets to your bed is opening doors for bacteria, bugs, and potential germs. These parasites will only end up being shed into your sheets. The thought of eggs hatching in your mattress is gross, right? Tell your adorable pet to stay away from your bed.

Different mattresses may have different care and maintenance instructions. However, the basics are all the same. Provided you keep your bed clean, prevent it from spills, damage caused by unnecessary pressure like bouncing, rotate and flip it for even wear and give it ample support, you can be guaranteed that it will last long as expected. Employ the mentioned practices and enjoy years of comfortable sleep.