7 Tips on How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Finally! You have an open room in the house that you can use to your advantage. Some men only dream of creating the ultimate man cave, so don’t pass up the opportunity to have your own relaxation room.

Now you can have a room filled with your most treasured items, an entertainment area of your choice and comfortable lounge suites. Take a look at our top seven tips that may give you ideas on how to build your very own man cave.

1. Comfy Seating for the Bar and Lounge

Man caves are all about comfort, so the first aspect to consider is adding the proper seating arrangements such as leather recliner chairs for your lounge or stools for the bar. After all, man caves would be nothing without luxurious lounge suites or the finest looking bar stools.

For your Man Cave Lounge

A recliner chair allows you to sit back and lift your feet up off of the ground so you’re in a comfortable position. But this is for a single person. If you’re expecting to entertain guests perhaps the best choice is to include leather lounges to accommodate more people. Longer lounges can seat three to four guests.

Seating for the Bar

Select bar stools that have a small backrest and soft cushions to sit on, for the ultimate in comfort. You also want the seating to complement your décor so select seating that has the aesthetics that will match the room.

2. What Entertainment Do You Enjoy?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to achieving the ultimate man cave especially when adding elements of entertainment to the room. You may want to add a variety of activities that will entertain you and guests when they visit your space.

Console Gaming

Set up your console to play all your favourite games. If you have guests over you can play co-op games together namely Call of Duty, Gears of War or Halo. Some people have more than one brand of console such as PS4 or Xbox One.

If you have more than one console set them all up and ensure you have the best sound system & TV to create the most excellent gaming experience.

Old School Table Games

Some games aren’t digitalised yet and that’s not a problem: this sort of entertainment is considered the best kind. Old school table games are easy to play and will keep you & your guests entertained for hours. Here’s what you can add to your man cave:

  • Chess
  • Pool table
  • Foosball table
  • Air hockey
  • Table tennis

Dart Boards

Play a game of darts with a group of people and see who can reach the highest score, or better yet who can hit the bullseye.

Movies Galore

You can either set up a streaming site such as Netflix and Showmax or you can have a display of all your favourite DVDs. As mentioned before a man cave should have top-notch sound systems so you can have a theatrical experience when you watch movies.

3. Creating the Ultimate Décor

Are you a nerd or a sophisticated guy? Whatever your personality type is, now is your chance to create a room with the décor you want. So if you love Star Wars and Marvel, you can line your walls with action figurines and posters from the movies & shows you’re a fan of.

But if you’re an older man that simply wants a streamlined organised room, all you need is the correct accents. A rug with dark colours, wooden coffee tables and liquor cabinets are among some of the accents that will suit your style.

4. A Bathroom is Important

Some men create man caves in attics or basements so these rooms may be located far from the main house bathroom. Perhaps build a small lavatory inside your man cave for convenience.

5. The Bar Area

The bar area may be the focal point of your man cave. If you’re serious about the aesthetics of the room, select the correct materials to build the bar table and shelving for glasses & alcohol. Hardwood such as mahogany or walnut are popular for bar tables and glass is often used for shelving.

The bar should also have a small fridge and freezer for beverages & ice.  

6. Ventilation, Lighting and Space

Man caves are typically located where there is minimal lighting and ventilation. Install an HVAC system to control the temperatures inside the room and ensure you have optimal lighting. Avoid fluorescent lights and opt for yellow bulbs to create a warm atmosphere.

7. Masculine Colours and Finishes

Neutral shades are considered masculine and are often paired with rich dark tones such as burgundy. Warm tones are also popular choices such as tan, beige and dark brown. Consider using these colours for accents and wall finishes.  

Final Thoughts

We hope our seven tips inspired you to create your ultimate personal space. Let us know in the comments section below if you’d like more tips on man cave décor and the type of furniture to use. Or do you have tips for others to create their ideal rooms?