8 Reasons to Choose Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is a modern and very effective method of growing crops. The crops make use of artificial lighting. It does not make use of soil. A pump supplies water rich with nutrients to the plant’s roots. The artificial lighting helps the plant to carry out its photosynthesis normally.

You can easily control the amount of fertilizers, nutrients and oxygen which the plants get. There is no problem in traditionally growing plants in the soil. You have to check that the soil has proper nutrients and you need to water it regularly. Hydroponic gardening is a more efficient and controlled method of growing plants.

Let’s look at some reasons as to why more and more people are choosing hydroponic gardening recently.

It saves you space

When you grow plants in the soil, their roots need a lot of ground to spread and grow. Hydroponic system will help you utilize a small space to the maximum. It does not require a lot of space. The roots of the crop are put in water which has high nutrients and oxygen.

You can plant a large number of crops in a small and limited space. This system does not require a lot of area. You just need to supply the essential nutrients in the water and the crops will grow good.

It saves you water

Hydroponic system saves a lot of water. Generally when you grow plants in the soil, you need to water them almost twice a day. Most of the water is excess and is lost due to evaporation. The plants use only a low percentage of water. This issue is not there in a hydroponic system.

A reservoir contains water which has the required nutrients and oxygen. The plants can utilize as much water as they require while the rest remains in the reservoir. No evaporation takes place because the reservoir has proper cover over it. A little amount of water comes handy for many days. This will save you water as well as money.

Faster and higher crop yield

Results have shown that growing plants in a hydroponic system is more beneficial. Plants grow more than thirty percent faster than soil plants. Moreover, they are bigger and stronger. This is because the water has the perfect nutrients for the plants to grow. These nutrients directly reach the plants without any hassles.

You can grow a lot of plants in a small space and a low time. Just make sure that there are enough nutrients in the water for the proper growth of the crops. This method will surely increase your crop yield and that too at a fast rate.

You can grow crops almost anywhere

When you use soil to grow crops, you have to take care of a number of issues. the soil must have the proper contents and nutrients for the plants to grow. You need proper irrigation and sunlight also. A large area is used to plant the crops which is not always easy.

Hydroponic farming provides a solution for all these problems. You can grow crops with this method anywhere in a small space also. You don’t need soil or sunlight. Just make sure to provide the correct conditions and grow your crops anywhere you want.

Less pesticides and diseases

Many disease causing, harmful bacteria and other organisms are present in the soil. As hydroponic farming does not make use of soil, it eliminates the risk of these pests and harmful bacteria. Many soil borne, root rot and fungal diseases occur in soil grown plants. To stop it, lots of pesticides and fertilizers are used.

In hydroponic farming there is no risk of any bacteria or pests as there is no involvement of soil. Make sure you maintain the cleanliness of your hydroponic setup and you will be good.

No need of weeding

Weed growth is a major issue which occurs in soil farming. A lot of time and effort goes into removing the weeds for proper growth of your plants. You have to pull out the weeds from the soil. However hydroponic system eliminates this issue.

The simple reason is that there is no soil in a hydroponic system. As a result weed does not grow and saves a lot of hardwork for you.

You have total control over the crops

One thing no one can control is nature. There have been many instances when the majority of soil crops were destroyed due to natural calamities. Floods, earthquakes or even extreme rainfall can ruin your harvest.

You cannot do anything about it. It may also happen that the soil does not have proper nutrients. Hydroponic system protects the plants as you it is mostly indoors. You can provide essential nutrients yourself to ensure proper growth.

You can grow crops all year

Mostly hydroponic gardening systems are set up in an indoor space. You do not need to depend on the outside weather conditions. You can continue with this process at any time of the year. Just make sure you provide the proper nutrients and other requirements.


People have been using traditional methods of planting crops since long before. The use of rock retaining walls Brisbane is an example of traditional gardening. But with the advancement of technology new and moderns have come. Growing crops in soil have a lot of drawbacks as we all know. Hydroponic gardening cuts a lot of these problems. In the above article we read about the reasons to choose hydroponic gardening. It is a great technique and has a lot of advantages. We all should use it.