A Guide To Recycled Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture adds to the aesthetics of the outdoors while providing a resting place to enjoy nature. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, why not try recycles outdoor furniture?

Recycled outdoor furniture is furniture made from recycled materials to minimize waste and create environmentally friendly products, doesn’t that sound great?

Some of the outdoor furniture made from recycled materials include; benches, porch swings, outdoor cushions, dining sets, and Adirondack chairs.



Materials for recycled outdoor furniture

Types of materials for recycled outdoor furniture include:


Recycled plastic

The recycled plastic that makes the outdoor furniture is high-density polyethylene

(HDPE). HDPE is high grade and long lasting compared to PVC synthetics. The plastic is obtained from milk jugs and plastic bottles. Furniture from recycled plastic is durable, low maintenance, water, insect and weather resistant.

There are different names associated with the recycled plastic furniture products. For example Neowood, POLYWOOD depending on the suppliers.


Durable Hard-wearing woods

The hard-wearing woods are woods that are able to resist rot. There are two major ways that they do this: one is by producing chemical compounds. The other is through physical barriers. The trees are obtained from sustainably managed forests.

Examples of hard-wearing woods include; redwood, acacia, Western red cedar, and cypress.


Stainless steel

Steel is a strong and durable material that offers support to other materials when making furniture. It is a combination of iron and carbon. The only downside to using steel when making recycled outdoor furniture is the heaviness and expense.


What to consider

Before buying recycled outdoor furniture you need to consider:

  • Durability

As much as the three types of materials have their strengths, the durability differs depending on the conditions and purpose the outdoor furniture is set to achieve. Most noteworthy, the process of manufacturing also determines how durable the furniture will be. Seek to purchase recycled outdoor furniture from established and well-known manufacturers such as outdoor furniture online.

  • Weather Conditions

The weather conditions play a part in the durability of outdoor furniture. Depending on your area, choose furniture made of a material less susceptible to the weather and other natural conditions.

  • Aesthetics

Aside from providing comfort, aesthetics is another reason to get outdoor furniture. Beautiful designs that are appealing to the eye should be a priority. Don’t forget to blend the outdoor furniture with the theme of your home.

  • Functionality

There are different types of outdoor furniture. Although it might be overwhelming to choose, let the functionality guide you. Are you looking for a resting chair, dining set to have meals or a simple bench to rest? Once you answer this question, the decision will be easier.


Benefits of recycled outdoor furniture

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

Enhance the looks of our outdoor while providing comfort

Require little or no maintenance

Durable since they are resistant to weather conditions



There are numerous benefits associated with the use of recycled outdoor furniture. The materials that are suited in making the recycled furniture include; recycled plastic, stainless steel, and hard wearing woods. Make the necessary considerations before choosing recycled outdoor furniture.