Buying your property vs renting

Buying your property vs renting, what’s best?

Residential real estate is at some of its lowest prices in years in the US. While property for sale in Malta is at its highest ever due to the economic growth of the country and an influx of high-quality employees in the financial and gaming industry.

Many people have been down-sized by their companies and have not been able to replace income at their previous levels. For this reason, there are many homeowners who are eager to sell their homes that they can no longer afford. Add to this situation many homes that are near foreclosure or that have been repossessed by banks and are ready to be sold quickly.

On the other hand, we also have some of the lowest mortgage interest rates to be seen in years. But are you really ready to buy a house? Conventional wisdom says this is a great time to buy a house and everyone who can possibly beg, borrow or steal to get into a house, should. Many people who have never before bought a house are in a fever to get into one. Know that whether or not it is right for you to buy depends entirely on your own situation. If your job is insecure, if your income has been greatly reduced or if you have other debts, then you should keep on renting.

Renting definitely has its perks! First of all, you do not have to be worried about maintenance. You do not have to worry about the costs associated with repairing the roof or the air condition failing in the middle of the night. If you ever run into financial trouble, you have the option to downsize right away.


Many people feel that if they can just get the bank to give them the mortgage money, they must be able to afford to repay their mortgage. This is not true, and subprime lending, or lending to people who really cannot afford to repay is a part of the reason for the recent high foreclosures in the U.S. This is some of the same kind of mushy thinking that causes people to collect credit cards by the dozen and run up their balances to their credit limits, because the borrower assumes wrongly that the banks must know something about the borrower’s ability to repay that the borrower does not.

So what is a healthy rule of thumb to evaluate whether you should rent or buy a house? One of America’s top financial educators, gives the following rules.

  • First, get completely out of debt, including student loans, car loans and credit cards.
  • Second, have an emergency fund so that it will not be necessary to go into debt again.
  • Third, save up for as large a down payment as you can.
  • Fourth, when you are ready to buy, be certain to get a fifteen-year fixed rate mortgage loan.
  • Finally, the monthly loan payments with taxes and insurance should not be higher than one-fourth of your take-home pay.

According to Sotheby’s – Malta Property For Sale.…Following these rules will get you into a house that you should be able to pay off and keep. I know it feels good to have your own home. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing like it! However, if you aren’t prepared, there is a high chance that you will end up losing your home. I strongly suggest that you prepare yourself entirely before purchasing a house. This is one of the biggest decisions in your life, make sure to do it right, or you will have to do it twice!

Updated today. The one thing that first-time buyers are missing on is houses of character. These can easily be converted into family homes. What are the benefits as opposed to purchasing an apartment? Well, you will get more privacy because there’s no one on top of you or on the bottom floor. So that means less noise pollution as well. There are a dozen or so real estate agents in Malta like Remax Malta and Sotheby’s promoting houses of character for sale but unfortunately the young generation seems to be missing out on these hidden gems which are being picked up by property developers, knew down and rebuilt into new apartments.  Now you know.