Online Transaction

5 Ways Going Online Saves You Money on a Home Sale

  The real estate market, like many major markets today, is going more and more “online”, or, becoming more tech-based and therefore more efficient and user-friendly. A lot of what inspires us to integrate technology and the internet with major markets today is the opportunity to solve problems within a market or potentially make us […]

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How To Get A Discounted Houston Home

There’s one standard way of buying a home that we’re all away of, and that’s the traditional process of using a real estate agent or going through the MLS. While there’s nothing really wrong with that, you just have to know that you’re looking for a home that’s likely already been remodeled, which means a […]

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Buying your property vs renting

Buying your property vs renting, what’s best? Residential real estate is at some of its lowest prices in years in the US. While property for sale in Malta is at its highest ever due to the economic growth of the country and an influx of high-quality employees in the financial and gaming industry. Many people […]

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