Comfy Tapestry: Various Carpet Styles and Designs For Your Homes

A quality rug or carpet takes the floor from workable to being homely. It instantly converts a space, relaxing the look of a room and assimilating noise to create a cozy environment. But picking the ideal carpet for your home can be terrifying, from mass types to styles and colors, the choices seem to be endless.

To help you classify the possibilities and find the ideal carpet for your home, you may want to consider the following carpet styles:

Cut and Loop Design

This carpet style is currently popular. As the name suggests, this style consists of some cut fibers, and others remain looped. The looped and cut fibers are combined to create a carpet pattern. Cut and loop types offer an assortment of textures and designs, which work with different types of décor.

The pattern created by combining the loops and cut fibers can vary from a geometric model to a pin dot style. Currently, linear design that gives a striated look is stylish nowadays. Depending on the cut and loop pattern, this style is deal in different parts of the home. It is usually well suited for industrial-style and modern décor.

Saxony Cut Style

Saxony is considered an iconic carpet design. This carpet is a cut pile with a medium height; it is neither long nor concise. More so, Saxonies can vary from a velvety, plush look, which is known as a straight Saxony to a more textured appearance. Since Saxony is available in various look, it’s ideal for almost any type of home decoration.

Plush Carpet Pile

Usually called velvet cut pile, this pattern features dense, short packed fibers that form a luxurious and rich rug surface. Sadly, this carpet style is relatively sensitive and is prone to scuffing, footprint imprinting, and wearing out. Consider using this style in areas of your home that don’t get a lot of people walking to and fro to avoid breaking down quickly.

Frieze Carpet Pile

Frieze is the progression of the shag carpet. It features long fibers that have been tightly braided. Generally, friezes are sturdy, due to the great twist of the threads.

More so, friezes highlight a laid-back feel since the fibers lay back, unlike standing up straight. They can have a touch of a messy look because the fibers arranged in each direction, but this is usually a part of their beauty, offering a cozy and inviting feeling.

Berber Carpet Style

Berber style is known for its luxurious appearance. Berbers with tinier loops wear better compared to large-looped Berbers, which quickly mat down and are difficult to clean. However, this carpet style is not ideal for you if you have pets or small children since they snag and run fast and are hard to repair.

Patterned Carpet Design

Patterned rug or carpet is a more textured form as the loops are in different sizes. It creates various textures and patterns. This style is also known as cut and loop or the middle spot between loop pile and the cut pile. This style is ideal for concealing dirt in high-traffic areas but can usually look worn since it’s less resilient.

Textured Style

This style is sometimes called trackless since it doesn’t show marks and footprints in its cover as much as other cut piles, like Saxony. It’s achieved by taking individual threads and spinning them into spirals and using heated steam to set.

Further, the spiral strands don’t reflect light like the straight strands, so it is not as prominent when the spirals are pressed down. This pile is ideal for mid to high-level traffic spots.


New carpet is probably one of the most significant investments you will ever make. It is also a good choice you’re going to live with it every day. Hence, when shopping for a rug or carpet, consider visiting Deal Wiki and other stores online for more exciting options. If you’ll get it right, and you can enjoy a touch of satisfaction each time you step inside your front door.