Essential Bathroom Décor Items

Essential Bathroom Décor Items

The bathroom is an area of the home that sees a lot of changes, mainly because it’s so easy to update. All it takes is a new shower curtain or a fresh set of towels to dramatically alter the look of the space. You can rearrange the countertops, add a hanging shelf or make any of a dozen other little modifications. But when you’re restyling your bathroom, there are some décor items that will make a major impact and others that are less significant. So, which areas of the bathroom are most worthy of updating? And where do you start?

To help answer this question, here are a few examples of décor pieces that are essential to creating a bathroom you’ll love:

Mirrors — As the room where you brush your teeth, wash your face, complete your daily grooming and clean up before bed, every bathroom relies heavily on its mirror. So, if you want to impact not only the look, but also the functionality of the room, try replacing it. Perhaps you could install a bigger mirror above your sink or add a second mirror that would make getting ready a little more convenient — and avoid conflicts with your significant other. Is there a style of mirror that better suits your taste and your space? Go for it!

Lighting — In the bathroom, bright lighting is crucial for self-care and good grooming. And  because there are so many styles of light fixtures on the market today, choosing your bathroom’s lighting is another great opportunity to make a style statement. Add a fancy chandelier, opt for sleekly modern vanity lights or install decorative sconces for a more custom look. The choice is yours!

Organization — When you think about all the linens, toiletries and small appliances used in the bathroom, it’s clear that good organization is a necessity. There are many ways you can improve the storage in your bathroom and even make it beautiful. Keep extra towels on display in attractive linen baskets, for example, or showcase Q-tips and cotton balls in clear glass jars. A floating glass shelf filled with well-designed toiletries is another way to combine practical storage with visual appeal. When you think strategically about the items you need to store, you can transform them into aesthetic features that will elevate, not clutter, the space.

Rugs — Whether you opt for a bathmat or an elegant rug, you’ll definitely want something soft and warm on the floor to make the bathroom as beautiful and comfortable as it can be. Here is an area where you can get creative and showcase your personal style. Choose an Oriental rug for a classic, timeless look or go with a bold and graphic design to create a more modern vibe.

Towel bars — At a minimum, every bathroom needs a hand towel. In full baths, you’ll also want towel bars or hooks for hanging bath towels. Choose a finish that matches or coordinates with your faucets, light fixtures, cabinet knobs and other fixtures, and you’ll multiply the aesthetic appeal of these practical necessities.

Green plants — The high humidity and often low-light environment of a bathroom makes it a great place for adding plants that are resilient and low maintenance. Consider bamboo, ferns, orchids or succulents — all of which can add a great pop of color and a burst of nature to what can sometimes feel like a sterile space.

Upgraded hardware — For a small change with big impact, consider sprucing up your bathroom with new faucets and hardware. While cabinet knobs and sink faucets are relatively small and inexpensive features in a bathroom, they have an outsized ability to advance the design of the space.

Personal accessories — Last but not least, you can refresh your bathroom and make it feel more personal by working some thoughtful touches into the space. Anything from framed artwork to scented candles to a collection of crystal perfume bottles can provide an opportunity to showcase your style and personality while updating the room’s décor.

The beauty of bathroom decorating is that there are so many possibilities. From faucets to towel storage to plants, every element of the room can make a positive difference to its comfort and style. If you’re hankering to make some updates to your bathroom, consider the above ideas as a place to get started — and begin imagining how a few essential décor items can give your room a fresh, new look.

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