Leaks And More – 5 Emergency Plumbing Problems That Require Professional Attention ASAP

Households and commercial establishments are prone to plumbing problems. Sometimes, these plumbing woes can be repaired using DIY techniques. However, most folks’ “first aid” solutions tend to only lead to more serious issues down the line.

The general idea to consider is that any problem that involves plumbing is best taken care of by experienced and trained professionals.

It is important to note, though, that not all plumbing problems are considered emergency situations, some can’t wait several hours or even a day. Emergency plumbing problems are those that require a solution in the quickest way possible due to the damages and threats to health delay can cause.

So, below are “leaky” issues that demand the attention of emergency plumbers. A Melbourne plumbing company lists five discussed below:


1. Broken or busted pipes

Although most homeowners and building owners can take care of this situation and prevent flooding by turning off the water source, this solution can greatly inconvenience residents, employees, and customers. Nobody will have access to running water.

Inconvenience is not the only issue this problem creates. Costly damages are also a high likelihood. Busted pipes cause flooding that can weaken building materials and lead to fast deterioration. Plus, it can create a damp environment, which is ideal for molds to proliferate and attracts pests such as cockroaches.


2. Blocked toilets

There are quick fixes for these that you can try, but if none of them works right away, call an emergency plumber. Melbourne plumbing companies say that not only do blocked toilets bring inconvenience but most people are also just too disgusted with the mere idea of having them.

It is important to mention that blocked toilets that are somewhat clean can deceive people into thinking that there is nothing wrong with them. When used, the blocked toilets can create a bigger problem, which is overflow.

The truly logical thing to do is to not allow the problem to linger and have an emergency plumber “unblock” the toilets.

Plumber Beside A Toilet

3. Gas leaks

Modern homes in Australia have already switched to electric heating and cooking stoves, but there are a lot of homeowners that still use gas. They believe that gas is more “versatile” given that you can use gas heaters and stoves even when there’s a power outage.

The problem is that gas leaks are quite dangerous. Not only is gas toxic and can lead to health complications (and even death due to poisoning) when inhaled, but it can heighten the risk of fire as well.

You can turn off the gas source but it is imperative to have an emergency plumber inspect the source or gas line to determine if it has been compromised, or if the leak is purely due to somebody’s carelessness.


4. Broken water heater

This qualifies as an emergency, especially in senior facilities. A broken water heater is one of the leading sources of the dreadful legionella bacteria, which causes Legionnaire’s Disease.

If you are all about protecting your family’s health, you cannot run the risk of legionella bacteria breeding in your water heating system and infecting the people you love. So if the water heater is not working properly, call an emergency plumber right away.


5. Sewer backup

This is another plumbing problem that is too gross for most people and is just an absolute nightmare to deal with. Sewer backup spawns other plumbing problems such as blocked drains all around the property, noisy toilets, and flooding. What’s even worse than those is the stench that usually accompanies it.

A sewer backup is definitely not something any property owner should delay in having repaired by the pros. At times, the cause of the sewer backup is more complicated than expected, such as vegetation growing into and collapsing the system.

When it comes to sewer backups, just go with the idea that the earlier you have the problem inspected, the faster you can restore your life to its proper working order.

Plumbing is such an integral part of a comfortable life. If something goes wrong with it, you can be certain that it will create a huge disturbance in the way you live.

Thankfully, there are plumbing professionals that can serve you any time a plumbing emergency arises. So, make sure that you have the best local emergency plumbers on your contact list.



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