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Perhaps you already have all the elegant furniture pieces in place. You’ve already hired a professional to install the HVAC to ensure quality indoor air. And the curtains and Oriental rugs are in placed in the living room and bedroom. But do you think something is still missing? Do you think your home still looks boring despite all the fixtures and decor? If yes, perhaps you’ve missed the lighting.

Quality lighting fixtures, such as the ones from Legrand, can do wonders to your home. Whether you’re trying to pull off a rustic or chic home design, there’s a lighting fixture to suit your preference, especially for different areas of your house.

The Bedroom

Light plays a vital role in helping you fall asleep faster. Yes, natural illumination is a great start. But if you’re living in a heavily populated urban area, letting in natural light also means letting in a lot of noise, which won’t help you get a good sleep. This is when your choice of bedroom lights come into play.

If you’re a minimalist, a simple table lamp will do. Wall sconces are also good picks. But if you want to add more drama to the space, consider having ambient light, such as flush mount ceiling lights and pendant lights.

The Living Area

The living area is the perfect place to hang out with your loved ones, be it for weekend movie nights or mid-week small gatherings. As you’d be doing a lot of family activities here, include a variety of lighting to ensure this area is well-lit. A chandelier or any ceiling-mounted light is a space-efficient main lighting source that’s worth considering. Give the space some accent with floor or table lights, as well as wall sconces and pendant lights. Set these ambient light fixtures near mirrors to reflect and diffuse the light. Doing this can make the space look more spacious and well-lit.

The Garden

The garden is where you can have your daily physical exercise. Or if you have kids, you can convert your garden into a playground. And at night, you can have your dinner under the stars. Choose the right outdoor lighting fixtures to make your garden look elegant during the day and dramatic during the night. Consider equipping your gates with wall lights or post lights. In the middle of your garden, considering having free-standing outdoor lighting. Hanging string lights on tree trunks or branches helps create a fairytale-like ambience in the evening.


Do you consider your nighttime warm showers your stress-relief? If yes, turn your otherwise boring bathroom into a relaxing spa area where you enjoy an aromatic bath. Consider having vertical sconces near your vanity sink or mirror to soften the light. Ceiling-mounted lights are the best options for general illumination. And you can complement this with pendant lights. Diffuse the light to create a sleep-inducing vibe.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Aside from the living area, the dining and kitchen area could also be a perfect bonding place for the family, be it preparing foods or eating together. Hence, be sure to have sufficient lighting for this area. Chandeliers are best for general illumination. Then, you can have wall sconces for additional accent light. Opt for wall-mounted lights as these are space-efficient and safer for kids.

Home Office or Study

It’s inevitable to bring work-related tasks and school paperwork at home, right? With the right lighting fixtures, you can create a home office that’s conducive for productivity. The first thing to remember, though, is to avoid working under the direct glare of the lighting fixtures. This means you need to set up the overhead lamps a little farther from the work table. It’s also good to use upward-shining floor lamps to diffuse the light. Using a lampshade can also protect your eyes from direct glare.

Illumination plays a vital role in making your home cozy and elegant. But you need not worry about where and what lighting fixtures to buy. You can browse online or visit Elektra Lighting and Electrical for the supplies you need. At reputable stores, you also get to enjoy expert assistance, which could help you choose the right products and make some savings.