These Best 10 Trees to Plant in Small Gardens

Trees are an essential part of most gardens. Although they occupy space in your garden but are worth the value, they add to your garden. There are many sizes of gardens in homes, depending on the available area. Some people create large gardens, while others with small houses leave some space for a small yard.

It is possible to plant any tree in a large garden, but not in small gardens. Small yards have less space, and it is essential to plant only those trees that occupy low space and grow up to average size. Some trees are suitable for small yards, while others require more space and resources. Let us check the best trees to plant in small gardens.

Prairifire Crabapple


The Prairifire crabapple tree blooms dark pink flowers in the spring season and purplish fruits in the winter and fall. However, the tree attracts wildlife due to its pink flowers and sweet fruits. You can plant a single tree in your front yard to improve the curb appeal of your garden. If you want to plant it near the gate of your house, you need to plant them in a pair. It can grow up to 20 feet long, and you need to leave enough space for the tree to grow up.

Strawberry tree

A strawberry tree is an evergreen tee with fruits and flowers. The bark of the tree is cinnamon-red, and it grows best in limy soil. Therefore, if you want to plant a strawberry tree in your yard, you need to make the soil limy in that area. Strawberry tree is perfect for small yards, but you need to grow it to its original size without trimming so that it can show that lovely bark.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple trees are suitable for small gardens as they grow slowly and can tolerate the lack of sun as well. The trees are found in a wide range of colors, and the leaves also change according to seasons. The leaves end with a vibrant hue in the autumn. Acer Palmatum is a beautiful variety of trees that bloom with red spring flowers. They are perfect companions for the Japanese garden, and you can grow them in pots too.

Camellia Japonica


The Camellia Japonica is an evergreen tree for compact gardens that bloom with bright flowers and bring colors to your landscape throughout the year. These are low maintenance trees and are easy to maintain. The trees grow red, white, and pink flowers and can grow up to 12 feet high and 10 feet broad. If you have sufficient space, you can consider planting Camellia Japonica in your garden.

Zuni Crape Myrtle

The Zuni Crape Myrtle is a perfect little tree for city gardens. You can use its accent to improve the visual appeal or cover the unattractive views of your yard. The pink flowers bloom on the tree in late summer, and the leaves offer greenery to your garden throughout the year. It can grow up to 12 feet high and wide and can create a bigger canopy when planted together.  

Rowan (Sorbus)

Also known as mountain ash trees, Rowans are famous for small gardens. It grows small leaves that change their color to orange-red and purple in autumn. It grows white flowers in spring and bright yellow berries in the autumn. It grows well in fertile soil and sunny or partially shaded space. Therefore, you need to plant it in a sunny area and have the perfect mix of soil for its growth.

Wild Peach


The Wild Peach is a semi-deciduous tree that grows up to 8 to 10 meters of height but can go 12 meters high in ideal conditions. The tree grows leaves to create a light grey-green foliage in your yard. The Wild Peach had male and female parts on different trees. A female tree provides fruits for birds. So, if you want to offer food to birds, you must plant a female tree. Only an experienced gardener or landscapers can distinguish between the male and female wild peach trees when they are small. The wild peach female trees attract birds to their orange-red seeds and make your yard a natural wildlife haven.

Pompon Tree

A pompon tree is another beautiful and popular tree species for small gardens. It is an excellent alternative to the exotic pride of India. Its blooming pink flowers in the summer season offer a stunning display for gardens and landscapes. Pompon trees grow fast and can tolerate frost. Therefore, you can plant them in locations that experience freezing temperatures. They can grow around 8 meters height, hence the right choice for small gardens.

Ornamental Pear


The Ornamental pear trees are famous for their beautiful spring blossom and the green foliage in the summer. The trees are a petite weeping variety that grows soft green leaves to create a lovely canopy. They bear fruits in the autumn, attracting the birds and wildlife to your garden. However, they occupy less space and are perfect for small gardens, but the silvery green foliage can improve the green hue in your backyard.


If you live in a location that experiences freezing temperatures, you can plant apple trees in your garden. You don’t need an ample space for growing apple trees. There are varieties that you can grow in low spaces, and some can even grow in containers. To grow apple trees in low space, you need to choose the dwarf varieties. Apple trees grow leaves in summer and blossom in spring. You can harvest the apple fruits in autumn.

Final Words

These are some trees that are ideal for growing in small gardens. However, it is essential to research the soil and climate requirements for the growth of any tree before planting it in your yard. Tree loppers Kellyville offers complete help and guidance to plant plants and trees in any garden. You must consult a professional landscaper before choosing any trees for your backyard so that they grow perfectly to improve the curb appeal of your house.