Wood Furniture Ideas

Wood, either hard or soft can be crafted in different ways to come up with different kinds of furniture for different purposes. Wood is the most used material for furniture, due to its ease of availability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Wood can also take many forms, where it comes as a log, which can be reshaped or cut into timber which would then construct tables and benches.

Below are some furniture ideas made of wood.

Wooden sculptures

Wooden sculptures carry a vintage command, where a shape is cut out of a wood log, for the purpose of decoration. Sculptures are best made from hardwood such as mahogany since they don’t need painting. When waxed, dark wood shines.

Solid wood bookcases

Bookcases come in many shapes and design, but the best kind is those made from wood. The solid wood bookcases are opted for due to their durability and beauty, giving a study a vintage rich look. Bookcases have been there in previous decades, with the only variant being the design.

Reclaimed wooden shoe racks

These kind of shoe racks are not only beautiful, they also encourage reclaiming of wood, which is a positive step towards environmental conservation. In recent times, wooden shoe racks have been combined with other ideas, such as adding a sitting bench atop the shoe rack. Designers have also fitted a shoe rack beneath a shirt hanging rod, helping save on space in small rooms.

Wooden kitchen racks

Wooden kitchen racks make a kitchen attractive and adventurous. When made from hardwood, the dark patterns on the wood gives the kitchen an outdoor and vintage look. Wooden kitchen racks are easy to make, where a thick plank of wood is nailed to the wall. Hooks are attached to the sides facing down, from which kitchen items such as ladles and pans are hanged. The items hanged should not be very heavy, which would fell the rack.

Wooden Chests

Traditionally, wooden chests were used for safekeeping of treasures, such as money and jewelry. These chests were enforced with brass to make them strong. With the introduction of safes made of steel, which are stronger, wooden chests have stopped being used to keep treasures. They are however still made, as a part of décor, since they give a room a vintage look, and they are also used to store personal effect which is not as precious since most of them are fitted with a padlock hasp.

Outdoor furnishing

Due to the direct exposure to climate, well-furnished or waxed hardwood furniture is preferred for outdoor décors, such as a rocking chair on a pouch or a garden bench.

Wooden flooring and ceiling solution

Wooden floors and ceilings complement each other, giving a house both a vintage and welcoming feel. Wooden floors are most preferred over tiles or concrete especially in places which face extreme cold conditions since they don’t freeze. Wooden floors need minimal maintenance such as cleaning since they only require dusting.

Wood furniture may be considered more expensive than that of other materials, but there is no denying that its durability makes it more cost-effective.